We provide clients with valuable perspectives and strategic advice on energy procurement as well as energy and environmental policy.

Our deep understanding of energy and environmental regulations, existing energy policies, energy markets, and our ability to combine that knowledge with sophisticated tools, provide unique value to our clients. Our work in this arena includes the following areas of focus:

Understand & shape Energy policy

We support our clients in understanding and influencing the direction of energy policy to achieve their goals. Our work assists our clients in supporting efficient and effective energy markets and provides clients with the expertise needed to effectively influence energy policy. Organizations such as the Western Power Trading Forum and the American Wind Energy Association call upon Energy Strategies for technical and policy support.

Implement Environmental Goals

We utilize our extensive policy experience and modeling capabilities to deliver sustainability plans, assess corporate sustainability strategies, and allow our clients to understand and mitigate environmental risks to their businesses. Communities and corporations call upon us to evaluate environmental strategies and assess the costs of their energy goals. 

Energy Procurement & Risk Mitigation

Through decades of experience in energy procurement, we provide clients with expert advice on procurement strategies in the electricity and natural gas markets across the country. We provide expert natural gas and electricity price risk management strategies to clients in the public and private sectors, including universities, hospitals, and other industrial sectors.

Manage Trade Organizations

Clients call on us to support and manage industry trade groups, providing critical staff support and handling the day-to-day management. Our trade organization support includes services for the Utah Association of Energy Users and the Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities.


Clients call upon us for a broad range of services, including:

Policy analysis and energy market policy support

  • Advocacy in stakeholder and regulatory wholesale energy forums
  • Concise review and assessment of current events and impacts to clients
  • Technical analysis to support energy policy positions
  • Avoided-cost assessment and modeling
  • Electricity procurement review and assessment

environmental services

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Climate Action Plan development
  • Corporate responsibility plan assessment and strategy development
  • Community renewable energy studies

Natural gas services

  • Gas supply and transportation evaluations
  • Gas supply management
  • Price risk management strategies