Through our Market and Transmission Analysis advisory and consulting services, Energy Strategies helps solve our clients' most nuanced and technical challenges.

While the work is complex, our approach to these engagements is simple: focus on the clients' most critical questions, identify or develop the best data and tools to apply, perform precise analysis, and finally, develop technically supported and inventive insights that are concise and actionable.

We help our clients keep pace in today’s dynamic environment by offering a wide range of services in the areas of power transmission and interconnection, and energy market and financial analysis. Our clients in this area include utilities, asset owners and developers, non-governmental organizations, and large consumers of electricity. These clients seek out our services to help them develop strategies, and identify, plan, and execute investments while considering and quantifying relevant risks and opportunities. 

We maintain a suite of analytic tools that help provide our clients insight in this space, some of which include:

  • Nodal production cost modeling capabilities (GridView™) and experts in PacifiCorp’s GRID model;
  • Power flow modeling tools (PowerWorld™) with access to Western and Eastern transmission system datasets;
  • Energy storage assessment tool for studying project revenues from dynamic energy and ancillary service markets;
  • OASIS data queries for available transfer capacity and other transmission intelligence;
  • Project economic models for performing custom cash flow analysis for co-generation, power, and transmission project analysis;
  • eCIM (electricity Carbon Impact Model), which is used to determine the impact on an entity’s indirect greenhouse gas emissions based on energy investments and changes in operations;
  • Energy Decision Risk Service (EDRS), a market exposure analysis tool used to structure and improve energy hedging decisions;
  • Clean Power Plan compliance model used to evaluate potential compliance scenarios for states, companies, and individual generators;
  • Price forecasting models for both natural gas and power;
  • GIS and mapping tools for pricing, generator siting, and transmission analysis;  
  • Rate analysis models to analyze gas and electric utility tariff rates and their impact on customers;
  • Custom coding and data management tools that capture, analyze, and otherwise process large sets of data and results

While many of our projects are custom one-time engagements that meet a unique need, some of our recurring Market and Transmission Analysis services include:

Transmission and interconnection services

  • Economic and reliability transmission project cost/benefit assessments
  • Identification of transmission needs and project opportunities
  • Evaluation of non-wires alternatives
  • Transmission cost allocation and methodology development
  • Generation interconnection support including procedural assistance and queue analysis
  • Generator interconnection studies for transmission impacts, testing multiple locations
  • Transmission open access and tariff support, including Available Transfer Capability (ATC) analysis, point-to-point transmission service, Transmission Service Request support and other Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) process and data support
  • Independent management of FERC-regulated open solicitation for merchant project capacity

energy markets and financial analysis

  • Generation curtailment and transmission congestion assessments through production cost modeling
  • Custom nodal market price forecasts and basis risk studies
  • Historical pricing analysis
  • Electricity and natural gas price forecasting
  • Comprehensive market and transmission-based generation development strategies
  • Project economics and financial analysis and support
  • Asset valuation, due diligence, contract review, investment analysis with deterministic and probabilistic modeling