Energy Strategies works across the energy sector helping our clients solve their most challenging problems. Below is a small sampling of recent projects that demonstrates the breadth and depth of our energy expertise.


Lower Snake River Dams Power Replacement Study

This study was undertaken on behalf of the NW Energy Coalition, an advocate of clean and affordable energy in the Northwest region, to investigate the technical feasibility and cost of replacing the power and energy services provided by the four Lower Snake River Dams with a portfolio of clean and renewable resources that support a reliable and adequate regional power system while minimizing increases to greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Strategies applied a suite of power system modeling tools and economic analysis to assess power system challenges that has underscored decades of environmental debate on the future of the dams and their role in the Northwest power system. The study concluded that balanced portfolios of wind, solar, energy efficiency, and energy storage can replace the power at a reasonable cost, while maintaining system reliability, adequacy, with negligible effects on GHG emissions.

Download the summary slides

Visit the NW Energy Coalition website to obtain the full study


Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0 Western Outreach Report

Energy Strategies worked with the Western Interstate Energy Board to complete the Western Outreach Report as part of California’s Renewable Energy Initiative 2.0. The report explored the availability of Western renewable energy and electric transmission that could contribute to meeting California’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas objectives.

Download the Western Outreach Report


WESTCONNECT Order 1000 Planning Consultant

Energy Strategies serves as the regional planning consultant for the WestConnect FERC Order 1000 regional transmission planning region. In this capacity, Energy Strategies assists WestConnect in developing regional models, evaluating regional transmission needs, and (when necessary) conducting project assessments and cost allocation evaluations. Energy Strategies supports development of various WestConnect planning products, including the Regional Transmission Plan.

Download the 2015 Regional Transmission Plan

Download the 2016-17 Regional Study Plan


Communities Renewable Energy Study

Salt Lake City, Park City, and Summit County called upon Energy Strategies to evaluate the cost and rate impacts associated with serving all of the electricity within these communities with renewable energy. Energy Strategies' assessment found that, should the communities transition to 100% renewable energy by 2032, electricity rates would be 9% to 14% higher than business as usual. Our report supported individual decisions by the communities to implement clean energy goals.

Download the renewable energy study


INTRODUCTORY Regional Transmission Organizations Whitepaper

Energy Strategies prepared a whitepaper on behalf of the Wyoming Industrial Energy Consumers exploring Regional Transmission Organizations, their benefits, costs and the role they can play in enabling retail customers to directly access the wholesale electricity market. The whitepaper included an overview of several regional transmission organizations across the country.

Download the introductory whitepaper


Open Solicitation Administration and Tool Development

Energy Strategies has served as the Open Solicitation administrator for several transmission projects with negotiated rate authority. The Energy Strategies team performed open solicitation administration for the Southline Transmission Project and developed a unique tool that interested parties could use to assess the transmission, and associated costs, that may be necessary to use Southline to deliver to energy markets and potential offtakers.

Access the Southline Open Solicitation website:

Download the Southline Open Season presentation



Energy Strategies performed an assessment of the relative value of wind generation that qualifies for the full Production Tax Credit for the American Wind Energy Association – California Caucus. The analysis found that there are significant cost savings associated with wind energy that can receive 100% of the Production Tax Credit. The levelized cost of wind energy that obtains the full tax credit was 44-52% lower than wind energy achieving operation at a later date, when tax credits are no longer available.

Download the Energy Strategies memo


Potential Market Changes in the Western INterconnection

Energy Strategies presented at the November 2017 Western Power Trading Forum meeting in Houston. The presentation discussed the possibility for organized market formation in the Western Interconnection, including the potential for Mountain West Transmission Group, and possibly others, to join the Southwest Power Pool.

Download the presentation on Western market expansion 


Generation interconnection, transmission, and curtailment assessments

Although the results of the assessments are proprietary, Energy Strategies regularly utilizes its tools and expertise to support generation project development by screening potential generator interconnection sites and assessing transmission availability. Energy Strategies also supports project financing and siting through various studies, including curtailment assessments and price spread analysis.


Expert Testimony

Energy Strategies provides expert testimony in regulatory proceedings across the country, including testifying before 29 state regulatory commissions. From assisting large industrial and commercial energy users in rate cases to supporting Qualifying Facilities, Energy Strategies brings strong witnesses and sound technical analysis to the cases we participate in.