Corporate and institutional clients rely on Energy Strategies to develop and implement renewable energy sourcing strategies that empower confident procurement decisions and achieve sustainability goals.

Creating and executing a renewable energy sourcing strategy is often unfamiliar territory for corporate and institutional energy buyers. The rapidly evolving renewable energy market, along with relatively long contract durations and risks unique to renewable transactions, warrants the in-depth knowledge and assessment capabilities that we bring to bear for our clients.

We help client organizations navigate every aspect of renewable energy strategy. From defining internal renewable goals, to determining a “best fit” renewable portfolio, to active procurement and resource contracting. Our ability to communicate unaccustomed market and risk concepts to the buyer team and to key financial decision makers has proven vital. Our renewable sourcing clients include large commercial energy consumers, higher education campuses, public sector entities, and non-governmental organizations.

Energy Strategies has developed and continually refines a suite of consulting services that we tailor to each client’s particular organization to guide them toward their renewable energy objectives.

Our clients have the option to benefit from our support from the beginning to the end of their renewable procurement efforts:

defining viable supply

  • Structured guidance to develop and articulate renewable energy goals and the organization’s renewable energy philosophy

  • Evaluation of local and regional regulatory influences on access and acceptance of available supply options

  • Assessment of the client organization’s financial risk tolerance

  • Identification of resource options likely to meet the client’s renewable goals, risk profile, and cost-management requirements

finding realizable sources

  • Deployment of our renewable development knowledge base

  • Communication with relevant market players: developers, marketers, aggregators, etc.

  • Evaluation of developer market transmission and deliverability risk

  • Forward market price modeling, including analysis of basis risk and settlement pricing economics

  • Full supply procurement services: solicitation prep, vetting, release, management, offer evaluation/comparison, preferred selection, etc.

  • Offer economics and risk quantification

  • Communication of procurement and risk assessments throughout the organization

contracting for supply

  • Investment-grade financial analysis, with probabilistic risk assessment

  • Development and delivery of decision package materials to client financial executives

  • Power purchase agreement negotiations: direct participation in and support of client/seller interactions

  • Facilitation of inward and outward-facing communications pre and post-renewable supply contracting