Energy Strategies helps our clients understand the impacts of utility regulatory proceedings, both electric and natural gas. 

When appropriate, we provide expert testimony to address issues of concern to our clients in regulatory proceedings that can help guide regulator decisions that are just and reasonable. Our areas of expertise include the following subjects:

  • Utility revenue requirements

  • Cost allocation to customer classes

  • Spread of rates to customer classes

  • Rate design for collecting the appropriate revenues

  • Rate adjustment riders

  • Prudency review of investment decisions

  • Pricing of independent generation, including avoided costs

  • Decoupling

Energy Strategies witnesses have testified in more than 250 proceedings before 29 state regulatory commissions across the United States. We also assist clients in settlement negotiations and modeling the financial impacts of regulatory proposals and decisions. We regularly provide consulting support to major electric customer advocacy groups, including the Utah Association of Energy Users, Arizonans for Electric Choice and Competition, Wyoming Industrial Energy Consumers, and Colorado Energy Consumers.