Our Story

Energy Strategies is an independent energy consulting firm founded in 1986. In its early years, it was focused on natural gas deregulation and increasing energy choice for consumers. More than thirty years later, Energy Strategies has grown into a firm that consistently provides tailored, technically grounded analysis and objective guidance in an increasingly complex energy market. Our clients include power producers, transmission developers, utilities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and large energy users throughout North America.

We empower our clients to make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities as markets, technologies, and policies evolve. Energy Strategies generates value for our clients by harnessing the expertise of our skilled, multi-disciplinary teams in the design and application of energy strategies and solutions. We can offer a team of consultants with the experience to provide unique insight on the most complex energy challenges. The wide range of energy industry knowledge of our consultants enables us to form robust project teams tailored to meet each client’s specific project objectives.

Three decades of involvement in the energy industry places us in a unique position to understand market dynamics, technological advances, regulatory changes, and policy developments. Our breadth of experience enables clients to successfully navigate the complexities of regulated and deregulated energy markets, make confident decisions, and create new opportunities as energy markets evolve.

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