Executive Advisor


Nick Travis co-founded Energy Strategies in 1987 to extend the range of services then offered to the independent power industry and large natural gas customers by Travis Capital, an NASD member investment banking firm he co-founded in 1985 and managed until 1999. Nick focuses his experience in the energy industry, finance, and capital markets on assisting Energy Strategies' clients. 

As Executive Advisor to the firm's project development and investment efforts, Nick assists clients to incorporate methodologies, processes, and tools to assure decisions regarding their portfolio and individual capital investments are supported by a thorough and effectively communicated understanding of the potential commitments, the nature and quality of resulting benefits, and risks associated with an investment opportunity.   

Nick has experience with a wide range of energy markets and demand management as well as supply technologies. He has worked extensively on projects involving electricity and thermal energy, coal, natural gas, process gas, oil, biomass, LFG, wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, waste-to-energy, and small-scale nuclear technologies.