Director of Regulatory Support Practice Area


Kevin Higgins has 35 years of experience as an economist, management strategist, and public policy specialist. His background includes more than 200 appearances as an expert witness in state regulatory commission proceedings on matters involving utility rates and regulatory policy. Since joining Energy Strategies in 1995, Kevin has managed interventions and testified as an expert witness on behalf of industrial and commercial energy consumers in regulatory proceedings before federal regulators and in front of 29 different state commissions. 

Specific areas in which Kevin has provided expert testimony include utility revenue requirements, customer class cost allocation, rate design, and avoided cost pricing for cogeneration and small power producers.

Prior to joining Energy Strategies, from 1991 to 1994, Kevin served as Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Salt Lake County Commission, the senior appointed position in Utah's largest municipal government. From 1985 to 1991, Kevin was Assistant Director for Resource Development for the State of Utah, Division of Energy, where he helped develop and implement state energy policy.